American dream great gatsby essay

When all of the “Republican” “Conservatives” are dead…………who is going to be left to pay the taxes for all of the “bleeding heart liberals” that are sitting around looking for a hand out? Even the politicians in Washington will be scrambling to find funds to continue paying for their “fat Cat” life. I don’t see any of them doing without. Their ideology sound great……in theory…..but it does not extend to them. Even the new health care bill does NOT apply to them. They have a separate and extremely good health plan that is not privy to you. You talk about hypocrites……Honey, you should start doing your homework and stop letting people fill your head with nonsense. If those “fat cats” don’t make a profit…..where do you think your welfare will come from. “You cannot take blood from a turnip”. I think it is time you woke up and smelled the coffee. Your political views are extremely childish and unrealistic!
Ignorance is no excuse. You better start doing your own homework and stop listening to “liberals” who only tell you what you want to hear…………but never deliver. They lie to you to get your vote. Once they get your vote they go on to carry out their own agenda…..not the one they promised to you. It is just pie in the sky! I actually feel sorry for you.

Voice: Mary Borden: . . the hospital looks like an American lumber town, a city of huts, and the guns beyond this hill sound like the waves of the sea, pounding — pounding — and the sky is a-whirr with aeroplanes, and, sometimes, we are bombarded, and all the time troops and troops and more troops stream past. All day and often all night I am at work over dying and mutilated men. There is such a tremendous inflow of wounded that I can’t often sit down from 7 . to midnight. Impossible to tear one’s self away from the men who are crying for a drink, whose blood is dripping in pools on the floor

American dream great gatsby essay

american dream great gatsby essay


american dream great gatsby essayamerican dream great gatsby essayamerican dream great gatsby essayamerican dream great gatsby essay