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D. Applicants with prior work experience learning in Supply Chain Management:
Applicants with directly related eSCM experience can apply for advanced placement (course credits) through the Algonquin College Office of Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). This Office utilizes assessment standards of the Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment (CAPLA). The requirements for PLAR course credits vary from a challenge exam to a complete portfolio relating experience and other training to the relevant BAB (eSCM) course learning objectives. PLAR course credits can be awarded for up to a maximum of 12 BAB (eSCM) courses.

When speed is achieved in the operations of the company, then all the other departments will be impacted to incorporate speed (Yasin, et al., 2009). Communication of information is done with the same necessary speed for effectiveness. Speedy communication helps in proper record keeping. It helps throughout the entire process of supply chain management and inventory management. Quality in communication however is only achieved through proper IT system that integrates all the business functional units for smooth flow of information. The company has an enterprise resource planning system that helps to improve the quality of internal and external communication in the company. The system enhances smooth and quick flow of communication throughout the process of supply chain management (Yasin, et al., 2009).

Bachelor thesis tqm

bachelor thesis tqm


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