Car accident essay

Robert May was raised the oldest of five siblings in a blue-collar family on the Central Coast of California. Robert spent his teenage years working after school and each summer at the local cement plant where he would shovel sand and repair cement trucks. Robert then made the decision to be the first member of his family to receive a college degree. Robert’s goal was to attend Cal Poly SLO after his grandfather, Bob May, took Robert to the campus (before taking him to the batting cages) to show him where he could get an education. Robert idolized his grandfather and always wanted to make him proud.

Additional info from Internet correspondant William Scott Lincoln: "I happened to brush past your site when I was looking for information about the song "Ode to Billy Joe." Just thought I'd point out that I found out that the event probably didn't take place in Carroll County, Mississippi. The Tallahatchie River doesn't run through there. It runs down into the delta region of Mississippi south of Sardis, MS. I also found a site that has a scan of an old map of that county, where the separation between the delta lowlands and the highlands to the east was once known as Choctaw Ridge . So where the river comes down from the highlands would be where the song is describing." Postscript by Wes, 7/26/06: I just listened to Herman's Hermit's "Henry the Eighth." I just realized that the reason why he's the eighth is because the widow's been married seven times before (I always misheard it as "several.") So he's the eighth husband - therefore, Henry the Eighth. Since 1965 I thought the song was about the historical character Henry VIII - I obviously didn't bother listening to the lyrics. Isn't pop music swell?  

Car accident essay

car accident essay


car accident essaycar accident essaycar accident essaycar accident essay