Defoe essay on projects

I embarked upon the daunting task of hacking my way through this sentence-run-on novel, but found that I couldn't get past half the first part. :(. I believe the main reason for this was Defoe's excessive use of semi-colons and camas in order shove each one of his paragraphs into one whole sentence. Can anyone here tell me if it is just me who finds Dickory Cronke difficult to read and absorb or are the sentence run-ons and---by today's standards---erroneous usage of punctuation two faculties which make this book difficult to read?--Thanks: An excerpt from the first part: " When he came to be eight years of age, his mother agreed with a person in the next village, to teach him t...

That het'rogeneous thing, an Englishman:
In eager rapes, and furious lust begot
Betwixt a painted Britain and a Scot.
Whose gend'ring off-spring quickly learn'd to bow,
And yoke their heifers to the Roman plough:
From whence a mongrel half-bred race there came,
With neither name, nor nation, speech nor fame.
In whose hot veins new mixtures quickly ran,
Infus'd betwixt a Saxon and a Dane
While their rank daughters, to their parents just,
Receiv'd all nations with promiscuous lust.
This nauseous brood directly did contain
The well-extracted blood of Englishmen.

Defoe essay on projects

defoe essay on projects


defoe essay on projectsdefoe essay on projectsdefoe essay on projectsdefoe essay on projects