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eBooks can be incredibly valuable for businesses from a content marketing standpoint. An eBook can attract a lot of attention and traffic to your business, as well as provide passive income when it's sold directly to customers through your site or vendors such as Amazon. For example, a company that sells golf equipment could gain tons of traffic by offering free downloads of a high-quality eBook that promises to improve the reader's golf swing. The company could also choose to generate revenue by selling the eBook directly on their site.

Well, I’m a man of many ideas and never had thought about posting online on a site such as “Ebook” but I’m very interested in doing so. No, I don’t have the best grammar, nor do I have the money to further educate myself to learn the proper way to write, but I do try! I am seriously thinking about posting a couple of my pages that has generated a decent crowd on “Facebook.” My story is titled, “Walking The Apocalypse” and it has generated a lot of attention. I hope that it will have much success in the near future.

Ordering Details: Please provide the following details about your ebook. Send to info[at] . We will get back to you promptly with a custom quote and a proposed start/completion date. •  Subject matter •  Proposed number of pages •  Purpose (eg, promotional tool, increase subscriber rates, affiliate marketing lead generator, etc.) •  File format requested (eg, pdf, MS Word, etc.) •  Proposed completion date (eg, within a week, 14 days, 30 days, etc.) •  Do you have existing copy you'd like us to work with, or will we be starting from scratch? •  Can you provide us with research resources, or will we have to research the project from scratch? •  Your contact info name, email and/or phone number) •  Website/blog URL We look forward to helping you complete your ebook! Ebook Writing Rate: $35/page* PLUS a MINIMUM of two hours research time ($90). Our copy editing and proofreading services are included in this page rate. For more complicated subject matter (eg, legal, medical, technical, finance, etc.) rates start at $45/page PLUS a MINIMUM of two hours research time ($90). Ebook Editing Rate: $45/hour If your ebook has already been written and you just need us to edit it, we can do that. To get an idea of cost, consider the following: Developmental Editing: The average is three to five pages per hour. Line Editing: The average is five to six pages per hour. Ebook Research Rates: $45/hour Every ebook requires research, no matter how simple the subject matter. That's why this time is billed separate and apart from actual writing time. There is a two-hour minimum because in our experience, it takes AT LEAST this amount of time to put together a quality product of even a few pages. We will give you a firm estimate of how much research time your project will require BEFORE we start. Where possible, we will put a cap on these hours so that even if we go over, you will know exactly how many research hours you will be billed for. Note: We don't write fiction ebooks; only non-fiction. We edit fiction and non-fiction material. We reserve the right to refuse projects that are objectionable in nature, eg, racist, terroristic, threatening, overtly sexual, etc. Contact us for a custom quote and/or if you have questions about any of our ebook writing or editing services (info [at]). We will get back in touch promptly about your project. Payment Policy There is an initial 50 percent deposit to get started. We will let you know how much this is once we've discussed the particulars of your ebook. The remainder is due upon completion of your project (we will invoice you via PayPal, our payment processor of choice). *Note: A page equals one 8 1/2 x 11-inch page of double-spaced, Times Roman, 12-point type (between 275 and 300 words roughly). Your ebook can be in any font or format requested, but these are the parameters we use to get an exact page count for billing purposes. Questions? Email info[at]. Your query will be answered within normal business hours: 8 am to 6 pm, M-F (excluding holidays), . EST. Outside of these times, we'll be in touch as soon as possible the next business day.

Ebook writing

ebook writing


ebook writingebook writingebook writingebook writing