Ego boosters and ego busters essay

Using method 2 I decided to go with 5 reps per minute for as long as I could and take it from there down to 4 and 3 reps per minute. From the beginning it was clear that method 2 was definitely the way to go, it was also clear that I would not be doing 5 thrusters per minute for nearly as long as I had hoped, after about 3 sets of  I was already down to 4 and then 3 soon after. The real killer in this workout though is the burpees, they leave no time for rest and they add up fast. Going into this workout I had figured leg strength would be the main factor but it was the cardio that ended up being what kicked my ass. The burpee and thruster combination is even less fun then I had anticipated. By the 15 minute mark it was clear that I was going to have to do some scaling back or I was not going to finish, it was getting to the point that pretty much all I was doing was burpees.  I scaled the burpees back to 3 per minute so I could continue.  At the 25 minute mark I was pretty well gassed and only about 60 thrusters in so I scaled the burpees back further to 2 per minute and put my nose to the grindstone to try and finish the beast. The remaining workout was still brutal even at only 2 burpees on the minute. I contemplated quitting countless times, between the 25-75 rep mark that is pretty much all I thought about. It’s the beginning and the end that are the easiest. The beginning because you are still fresh and the end because you are close to ending the suffering.  The 50 reps in the middle are basically pure torture, thinking about how tired you are and how far you still have to go will only make you think about throwing in the towel. This WOD is true a challenge both mentally and physically. Your average crossfitter will be hard pressed to RX this one.  If you can rx this, you my friend are a beast!

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Ego boosters and ego busters essay

ego boosters and ego busters essay


ego boosters and ego busters essayego boosters and ego busters essayego boosters and ego busters essayego boosters and ego busters essay