Essay on doctor

Zoidberg's race, the Decapodians—from the sandy, beach-like planet Decapod 10—are crustaceans , generally lobster-like in appearance—though they have been called squids , crabs or crawdads —with lobster-like claws, mouth tentacles, a hard exoskeleton , a fleshy, boneless interior, a fin that appears atop their heads during mating season or extreme anger, an ink pouch, two stomachs (one saltwater and one freshwater), four hearts, gonopores , a gland that stinks when Decapodians are bored and a complex system of internal organs, "most of which are either redundant or unnecessary." He is not fazed when one of his hearts is removed by an alien autopsy team of human doctors, saying "Take it, take it, I have four of them!" in " Roswell That Ends Well ", and loses various other useless organs in that episode during the autopsy. Zoidberg has been depicted as able to consume things not considered food by humans, such as fish bones, wood, and chess pieces. In the episode " Bendin' in the Wind ", Zoidberg produces tie-dye blue pearls after consuming large amounts of dirt. Zoidberg also habitually eats clothing and once, an Earth flag. Given that he refers to clothes as food and considers them a kind of delicacy, it may be that Decapodians themselves consume clothes. In " Möbius Dick ", it is revealed that Zoidberg spontaneously grows hair in moments of extreme fright. At one point in all Decapodians' lives, they enter a mating phase, or "The Frenzy" as they call it, which causes them to behave in a neurotic and manic way. During this chaotic time, their behavior is dictated by the tiny brain located in their rumps. They also develop incredible super strength, their head fin comes out for mating displays, their stink glands increase production and the males become saturated with male jelly as the females become engorged with eggs. In the episode " Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love? ", it is indicated that once Decapodians mate, they die, but this could only be from the frenzy, as Zoidberg's parents were still alive after his conception.

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Essay on doctor

essay on doctor


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