Essay on mapp v ohio

The musical score for The Silence of the Lambs was composed by Howard Shore , who would also go on to collaborate with Demme on Philadelphia . Recorded in Munich during the latter half of the summer of 1990, the score was performed by the Munich Symphony Orchestra . [29] "I tried to write in a way that goes right into the fabric of the movie," explained Shore on his approach. "I tried to make the music just fit in. When you watch the movie you are not aware of the music. You get your feelings from all elements simultaneously, lighting, cinematography, costumes, acting, music. Jonathan Demme was very specific about the music." [30] A soundtrack album was released by MCA Records on February 5, 1991. [31] Music from the film was later used in the trailers for its sequel, Hannibal . [32]

The broad view, however, was rejected by the Supreme Court in the infamous case of US v. Cruikshank , decided in 1876, that arose out of the Colfax massacre. Stuntz argues that that decision is best understood as the product of political developments following the stock market collapse in 1873 that gave Democrats control of Congress. The opinion in Cruikshank emphasized the Fourteenth Amendment’s limits, concluding that it prohibited only state action and did not “add any thing to the rights which one citizen has under the Constitution against another.” Although I have reservations about accepting a political explanation for a judicial decision, there can be no doubt concerning Cruikshank ’s unfortunate effects. The Court not only set aside the conviction of one of the Colfax massacre’s leaders, who had made a sport out of lining up black men at the parish to see how many he could execute with a single bullet, but its decision also judicially constrained the Fourteenth Amendment’s equal protection principle in a manner that has not been undone.

Essay on mapp v ohio

essay on mapp v ohio


essay on mapp v ohioessay on mapp v ohioessay on mapp v ohioessay on mapp v ohio