Essay on visual basic

On the other hand, the three other mentioned programming languages are all object-oriented with FORTRAN and Java being imperative and Perl being functional (Wikipedia, 2007). Just like with other programming languages, VB also has a set of compatible program tools which can aid in the development of specific program objectives. These components can be integrated within the existing system in a computer. Some of them need to be purchased from authorized dealers while others can be downloaded for free from Microsoft’s website or any other hosting sites.

Every programming language has their unique advantages and disadvantages, with Visual Basic always being monitored under a microscope per say. One of the strongest benefits worth mentioning is ’s new standard for implementation inheritance. This allows the user to expound upon a class, by inheriting from it, while using it as the foundation for building newer classes (Utley, 2001). Another bonus is the built in debugging tool that allows multiple languages running the .NET Framework to be debugged with a single tool. Lastly, some developers prefer for the simple fact that “components can be run locally, without requiring the calling application to go to the registry to find components” (Utley, 2001) and because Windows services are processed natively.

Essay on visual basic

essay on visual basic


essay on visual basicessay on visual basicessay on visual basicessay on visual basic