Essays antoinette wide sargasso sea

Welty said that her interest in the relationships between individuals and their communities stems from her natural abilities as an observer. [24] Perhaps the best examples can be found within the short stories in A Curtain of Green . "Why I Live at the ." comically illustrates the conflict between Sister and her immediate community, her family. This particular story uses lack of proper communication to highlight the underlying theme of the paradox of human connection. Another example is Miss Eckhart of The Golden Apples, who is considered an outsider in her town. Welty shows that this piano teacher’s independent lifestyle allows her to follow her passions, but also highlights Miss Eckhart's longing to start a family and to be seen by the community as someone who belongs in Morgana. [3] Her stories are often characterized by the struggle to retain identity while keeping community relationships.

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Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea is a study of individuals who are entangled and finally consumed by their obsessions, just as divers are ensnared by the thick sargasso seaweed that surrounds the Windward Islands. Rhys’s characters are similar to the grotesques described in Sherwood Anderson’s “The Book of the Grotesque.” He describes characters who cling to singular ideas, adapting them as personal truths. Their limited perspectives act as barriers to communication that cause the sea between individuals to widen. Isolation results as characters reside within their own psychological islands. Because the memories of slavery are so fresh in their minds, the townspeople cannot let go of their hatred of white landholders. Annette cannot release either her desire for social acceptance or her fear of the blacks. Antoinette is obsessed with the need to be loved, while Christophine cannot release her faith in obeah. Finally, Rochester cannot relinquish his civilized social decorum. All these characters have become entangled in their own truths. The tighter they hold on to their particular perspectives, the more isolated and grotesque they become. Rhys demonstrates that isolation leads to psychological demise.

Essays antoinette wide sargasso sea

essays antoinette wide sargasso sea


essays antoinette wide sargasso seaessays antoinette wide sargasso seaessays antoinette wide sargasso seaessays antoinette wide sargasso sea