Essays by lena dunham

Girls is known for its dark comedy antics, frequent nude scenes and risqué subject matter. Despite often being a target of critics, the show has garnered acclaim for pushing the envelope in its portrayal of young, sexually focused women, and earned Dunham several Emmy nominations and two 2013 Golden Globe Awards. The star scored media buzz following her Golden Globe acceptance speech in January 2013; during her narrative, she thanked actor Chad Lowe, poking fun at Lowe's ex, Hilary Swank, for forgetting to mention her then-husband in her 2000 Oscar-winning speech.

One of our writers ... is the keeper of the timetable of the show. He could tell you exactly how many weeks, months, years have passed in the world of the show from the first episode to the 42nd episode... The span of time we've covered in the show is much shorter than the span of the time in which I've been doing the show. So [Hannah has] grown less both chronologically and emotionally than I have since we started. She's only had one birthday since we began. So that's a funny thing to remember. She hasn't had this transformative job and lived four and a- half years doing this — she's been stuck in Brooklyn.

Essays by lena dunham

essays by lena dunham


essays by lena dunhamessays by lena dunhamessays by lena dunhamessays by lena dunham