Euthanasia as research paper

THE SCOTTISH VOLUNTARY EUTHANASIA SOCIETY - PIONEERS IN SELF-DELIVERANCE In July 1979, Exit - then the Voluntary Euthanasia Society (Great Britain) decided that a book on how to end one's own life would be a good idea. After announcing their intention, membership rose at a rate of 1,000 a month from an initial 2,000. The following year however, concerned over conflicting legal opinions, they decided not to publish. The Scottish Branch voted to become independent in order to publish and so, in 1980, the Scottish Voluntary Euthanasia Society (Scottish Exit) became the first right to die society in the world to publish such a booklet for its members. It was called "How to Die With Dignity." The booklet was based on the opinions of a single doctor and contained many errors, as have subsequent books, and so eventually in 1993 an International Drugs Consensus Working Party met at the Society's headquarters to finalise a scientifically researched volume called "Departing Drugs." The academic foundations were published in a later work called "Beyond Final Exit", and the legality of publication examined by the Scottish Regius Professor of Law, Joseph Thomson.

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Euthanasia as research paper

euthanasia as research paper


euthanasia as research papereuthanasia as research papereuthanasia as research papereuthanasia as research paper