Ghostwriter song

To his credit, Kendrick suspected what was going on. In 2014, he discussed the song's recording process during a radio interview . "He brought me out to Detroit, I had a show, and he brought me to the studio to do a hook... I go in, do the hook, and he's like 'I like the hook.' Then I'm like, 'Alright, cool, I'm finna dip,' then he says 'Think you could do a verse?'... The thing with Em which was crazy to me is he kicks everybody out of the studio... I took it as him kicking everybody out to see if it's really you writing those raps that you're writing."

Somebody needs to call the competition committee – Diddy’s responsible for a good 40% of the ghostwriting economy. It’s an old joke, and it’s something of an unfair too: the Bad Boy CEO is the most brazenly open about his lyric-farming, which is certainly preferable to the subterfuge no doubt going on with much more supposedly ‘credible’ artists. Still, Diddy loves a ghostwriter: Biggie, Skillz, Royce Da 5’9″, Fabolous and scores more have helped him out to some degree or other. We’ve plumped for the Pharoahe Monch-penned ‘The Future’, if only because the flow is so transparently Monch’s, it’s practically a karaoke job.

Ghostwriter song

ghostwriter song


ghostwriter songghostwriter songghostwriter songghostwriter song