How to write reaction papers

You should be prepared for writing a reaction paper from the very moment you start reading the text. Try to catch every important idea and in order not to miss anything take notes scrupulously. While reading think about the author’s point of view, his\her motives to think so. It will be useful to study the author’s biography before reading his book to be aware of his background, education, occupation, philosophical views, way of life. These facts will help you greatly to understand why he supports a certain idea or action. If you are not sure whether the facts given in the text are valid, think about the author’s interests and qualification. There is a chance that the author is not an expert in the topic he analyzes, so that means you have the right to think differently and support your point of view. So, first of all take notes attentively and write down every wise and disputable thought to analyze it further.

Compose your reaction paper in a basic format of an essay. Write the introduction, the body paragraphs and the conclusions. Every paragraph of the body of your reaction paper should support the thesis statement that you state in the introduction directly. Each paragraph should present your reaction to a section of the work that you studied. Make sure that your reactions are organized properly into common topics which make writing them into paragraphs easy. Start each paragraph of the body section with a clear topic sentence. For instance, you can start a paragraph with a statement of the author then state your reaction and reasons for reacting that way. You can also start with a statement from the author and follow it with an explanation of how your view contrasts that of the author. Your conclusion should restate your thesis statement as well as your reactions in a brief manner. It should also wrap up the paper by challenging the reader or the author.

How to write reaction papers

how to write reaction papers


how to write reaction papershow to write reaction papershow to write reaction papershow to write reaction papers