Internet is a bane essay

When you get addicted you just go on surfing net and lose your social network of friends. You feel more secured at home and in front of computer. You have lots of online friends so you dont feel the need to share all stuffs with parents. It makes you more homely and sickly person. We all are social animals and its one of our basic need. You remain wake up in the night for long hours so that you can chat with all your friends and you are available all the time. Children dont understand what is right and what is wrong and they sometimes get trapped in a bad network of friends and start doing sex talk at a tender age, the age when they should concentrate more on studies. Family values gets eroded. Todays generation is too smart and they have developed short cuts for everything, they talk in tits and bits which elders can never make out.

That is not to say that it does not have multiple other uses as well: one can avail of its services to bank, to plan and book holidays, to buy railway or aeroplane tickets, to keep in touch with one’s friends and make new ones, to share one’s thoughts with others and get their feedback on them, to chat, to play online games, to run an individual, social or political campaign, to create one’s own circle of like-minded people … the list is yet to be exhausted, but it is surely already large enough to explain why, more and more, people all around the world are getting hooked to the Internet.

Internet is a bane essay

internet is a bane essay


internet is a bane essayinternet is a bane essayinternet is a bane essayinternet is a bane essay