Introduction pollution essay

Adverse air quality can kill many organisms including humans. Ozone pollution can cause respiratory disease , cardiovascular disease , throat inflammation, chest pain, and congestion . Water pollution causes approximately 14,000 deaths per day, mostly due to contamination of drinking water by untreated sewage in developing countries . An estimated 500 million Indians have no access to a proper toilet, [43] [44] Over ten million people in India fell ill with waterborne illnesses in 2013, and 1,535 people died, most of them children. [45] Nearly 500 million Chinese lack access to safe drinking water. [46] A 2010 analysis estimated that million people died prematurely each year in China because of air pollution. [47] The WHO estimated in 2007 that air pollution causes half a million deaths per year in India. [48] Studies have estimated that the number of people killed annually in the United States could be over 50,000. [49]

As with many other environmental problems, water pollution is hard to tackle because its effects (which may be long-term and subtle) are often hard to trace to a particular cause. If we know an oil tanker has broken up near the coast, we can instantly identify that as a potential source of water pollution and take immediate action to reduce any effect it may have. But we can look at a dirty river, devoid of fish and other life, running through a city, and find it hard to know who or what to blame. And if we can't easily identify the cause of the problem, coming up with a solution can be almost impossible.

Introduction pollution essay

introduction pollution essay


introduction pollution essayintroduction pollution essayintroduction pollution essayintroduction pollution essay