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"Narrated Abdullah Ibn Abbas: Ibn Umar misunderstood (the Qur'anic verse, "So come to your tilth however you will")--may Allah forgive him. The fact is that this clan of the Ansar, who were idolaters, lived in the company of the Jews who were the people of the Book. They (the Ansar) accepted their superiority over themselves in respect of knowledge, and they followed most of their actions. The people of the Book (. the Jews) used to have intercourse with their women on one side alone (. lying on their backs). This was the most concealing position for ( the vagina of ) the women. This clan of the Ansar adopted this practice from them. But this tribe of the Quraysh used to uncover their women completely, and seek pleasure with them from in front and behind and laying them on their backs. 

I am from Indonesian which many of mosque used star and crescent symbol. FYI this symbol appears in our Mosque just after the Dutch Colonialism came over my country for 350 years. before..The mosque didn't use this symbol..Do You Know WHY??Because this symbols mean: "Keep Fighting, Keep Struggling, never Give up, keep trying even for hundred years" just like the Sultan Muh. Al Fatih and his troops did in Conquering Constantinopel. For 800 years the muslim try to Conquer Constantinople, Why?..because it is the Gate to spread Islam to Europe.

When the Qing dynasty replaced the Ming dynasty starting in 1644, Muslim Ming loyalists in Gansu led by Muslim leaders Milayin [73] and Ding Guodong led a revolt in 1646 against the Qing during the Milayin rebellion in order to drive the Qing out and restore the Ming Prince of Yanchang Zhu Shichuan to the throne as the emperor. [74] The Muslim Ming loyalists were supported by Hami's Sultan Sa'id Baba and his son Prince Turumtay. [75] [76] [77] The Muslim Ming loyalists were joined by Tibetans and Han Chinese in the revolt. [78] After fierce fighting, and negotiations, a peace agreement was agreed on in 1649, and Milayan and Ding nominally pledged alleigance to the Qing and were given ranks as members of the Qing military. [79] When other Ming loyalists in southern China made a resurgence and the Qing were forced to withdraw their forces from Gansu to fight them, Milayan and Ding once again took up arms and rebelled against the Qing. [80] The Muslim Ming loyalists were then crushed by the Qing with 100,000 of them, including Milayin, Ding Guodong, and Turumtay killed in battle.

Islam research paper topics

islam research paper topics


islam research paper topicsislam research paper topicsislam research paper topicsislam research paper topics