Lsu college essay

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Broadly diverse and intellectually curious, Michigan students are leaders who make a difference. The fall 2012 freshman class averaged a GPA in high school, with 20 percent earning a perfect . Thirty-four percent had an ACT composite score between 31 and 36, an impressive achievement by only four percent of students nationwide. Many have volunteered or participated in community service, worked at a family business or an after-school job, or participated in music, choral, or dance programs, club activities, tutoring or mentoring, fundraising or environmental efforts, student government, and more. Ninety-six percent of freshmen return for the sophomore year. About ninety percent of students graduate in five years.

Programs for master's degrees must be completed within five years from entrance into a degree program. Credit for individuals taken at LSU more than five years before the termination of a program may be revalidated by the student's graduate committee through an examination. This examination may be oral, written, or both oral and written, depending on the requirements of the department concerned. The documentation of such an examination must be signed by members of the committee, the department's graduate advisor, and reported to the Graduate School on the appropriate form before the request for the student's final examination will be approved. No more than 50 percent of thes in a student's program may be revalidated and counted toward the degree requirements. However, some departments do not revalidate work. Students should check with the department chair or graduate advisor to ensure revalidation is allowed.

Lsu college essay

lsu college essay


lsu college essaylsu college essaylsu college essaylsu college essay