Oedipus dramatic irony essay

The chorus appears five times in Oedipus Rex, and each ode they sing makes a reflection upon each climatic situation. The first song of chorus sound immediately after Oedipus has declared his resolution to trace the murderer of Laios. The chorus has already learnt the message from Delphi and consequently expressed uncertainly about who the murderer might be. The choric song also intensifies the sorrowful condition prevailing in the city. Sickness has our powered the city like an epidemic and no remedy is available. The second song is introduced just after Oedipus is accused of being a murderer himself. The chorus is not prepared to believe the allegation against Oedipus and instead urges the horrible murdered to free from the city immediately. The third song is a meditation upon a serious defect of Oedipus's nature. In his dealing with Creon, Oedipus has exhibited extreme pride, arrogance and ill-temper. The chorus indirectly speaks of the possible fall of tyrants through pride. The fourth ode comes up while Oedipus is occupied by the crisis of his identity. The chorus speculators on some romantic affair between gods and nymphs on the mountain side and assume that Oedipus must be such semi-divine product. The final choric song is an interpretation of Oedipus's fall and reflection upon short-lived happiness of human beings. The choric songs thus intensify and analyze the developing dramatic situation helping the audience to understand the drama more fully.

Oedipus as a tragic character is heroic because of his struggle, pitiable because of his weakness before the forces of his destiny, and his tragedy arouses fear in us, because he is in the same predicament (difficult situation) like us, though he was a great man otherwise. The irony of his fate is that fate has done what it wanted to before he started actually believing in it. The tragedy of Oedipus is that of the realization of his failure. And the tragedy of Oedipus is a tragedy of the human situation. His story tells us that man must do his best — but even then he cannot overcome the inevitable!

Oedipus dramatic irony essay

oedipus dramatic irony essay


oedipus dramatic irony essayoedipus dramatic irony essayoedipus dramatic irony essayoedipus dramatic irony essay