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Sheehan is best remembered as a novelist; in his novel My New Curate , he recounts an incident of a clerical appointment that may well be autobiographical and refer to his arrival in Doneraile: "The Bishop sent for me and said, with what I would call a tone of pity or contempt, but he was incapable of either, for he was the essence of charity and sincerity: 'Father Dan, you are a bit of a literateur , I understand. Kilronan is vacant. You'll have plenty of time for poetising and dreaming there. What do you say to it?' I put on a little dignity, and though my heart was beating with delight, I quietly thanked his Lordship. But, when I had passed beyond the reach of episcopal vision, which is far stretching enough, I spun my hat in the air, and shouted like a schoolboy: 'Hurrah!'".

There is a follow up to what was posted in March 2016 about the Blair-Keo family on Updates 1010. They left Rawdon c. 1851 and were recorded on 1852 Wellington County, Peel Township Census (Ontario). They went to nearby Elma Township in Perth County, in 1854. On the 1871 Census, Ellen, who had remarried, was a widow for the third time and lived there with her three sons and three step children. James died in 1854 and Ellen in 1881; they are buried in Trowbridge Cemetery, Elma. This, and information about sons John and William, is on Updates page 442.
I was able to get Reveries of a Pioneer by Vera Ernst McNichol from the Toronto Public Library. It is a fascinating collection of pioneer stories about this community that opened for settlement in 1848. A bit quirky, as much of it was written in verse, but lots of information about shanty building, rail fences and stage coaches to name a few topics.

Patrick rourke thesis

patrick rourke thesis


patrick rourke thesispatrick rourke thesispatrick rourke thesis