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Candidates for the degree of the Doctor of Philosophy are required to pursue an approved programme of advanced study and research under supervision as enrolled students of the University. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is awarded on the basis of the submission of a thesis. The thesis, which may include a nominated creative component, should give evidence of the candidate’s ability to carry out research, that the candidate has shown originality and independence, and that the candidate has made a significant contribution to the advancement of their particular field. The research should be of a kind which a diligent and competent student might reasonably be expected to complete within three years of full-time study.

In Central I found myself in an environment that believes in me (sometimes more than I believed in myself) and encourages me to put myself up for opportunities that scare me. I think I'm very lucky to be surrounded by good people. My supervisors are at the cutting edge of research in their field but they are also very intellectually generous, sharing emerging ideas with me and in doing so, making this PhD journey exciting and enjoyable. My peers are supportive and constructively argumentative, keeping me grounded whilst pushing me to develop my arguments. The research seminars and conferences organised at Central have been formative, particularly in terms of preparing me to present at conferences and chair panels. I am also inspired by The Theatre Applied Centre for Research in Performance and Social Practice which organises stimulating research events, encouraging development of new practices and thinking.

Hi Tanmoy
You are doing a great job by helping people in need….I really appreciate what you are doing.
I too had a have just completed my 12th std and i am planning to do my bachelor’s in biomedical science from Australia. Is that a good option? I also intend to stay back there only as i have many family members there. In addition to that, job opportunities for biomedical graduates also seem to be very poor. Is it possible to earn those 60 PR points in the duration of student visa?…..I have also tried calculating my PR points but different websites show different results.
Your reply will be very helpful.
Thanks in advance.

Phd thesis consulting

phd thesis consulting


phd thesis consultingphd thesis consultingphd thesis consultingphd thesis consulting