Psychology coursework ideas

We as I-O psychologists must providing a counterweight to the pressures of mass media, especially when it comes to the technology domain. This article will explore the dynamic and evolving perceptions of technology as well as considerations for refuting (or validating) hype. We feel this will help our field advance technology discourse by guiding our business constituents to move past outdated, overstated, and simplistic assumptions propagated in the media. Although we can’t risk being passive or dismissive about technology trends, nor can we shirk our responsibility to represent—through our research and practice—a sophisticated approach to managing technology change. …Continue reading in the latest issue of TIP !

Students in the program are expected to take a graduate level course in teaching strategies (., Communication 790) which exposes them to different teaching methods and philosophies of education. Subsequently, students teach a full semester course in psychology (., Intro to Health Psychology, Social Interaction). The teaching assignment is a mentored experience. The student selects a faculty member to serve as a mentor who has experience with the course to be taught. The faculty member will help on early course decisions (., textbook selection, syllabus advice). In addition, the student and mentor routinely touch base during the semester. Fulfilling this requirement will prepare our students for teaching in a college/university setting. Applicants for academic positions are stronger when they have teaching experience, and they more easily make the transition from student to professor

Psychology coursework ideas

psychology coursework ideas


psychology coursework ideaspsychology coursework ideaspsychology coursework ideaspsychology coursework ideas