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A bit of advice that I wanted was. I live in Pakistan and I am interested in Biology. I have just completed my Alevels and I am looking for a Bachelors at this stage in life I am feeling terrified and anxious. I always though I wanted to do a Phd in Biological sciences. However Now due to being constantly scared I am unsure what I want to do. Therefore I want to ask whether I should continue and do my BS in applied biosciences or do something else? Also are there ANY other WELL paying job options for a BS applied biosciences other than going into research? Also can I get a masters in business or finanace or marketing after my BS in appliedbiosciences (from a good uni) if I decide to go down another path afterwards?

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Publish masters thesis

publish masters thesis


publish masters thesispublish masters thesispublish masters thesispublish masters thesis