Remember the titans essay on friendship

Description: This film chronicles true events that occurred during1971 in Alexandria, Virginia, when the school board came under court order to integrate both faculty and students in the public schools. At the time, high school football was the city's most popular sport. The Titans become a model of integration for a city in troubled times.

The film combines four stories: (1) the time-tested formula of the triumph of an underdog sports team; (2) the friendship between the two coaches, the black head coach and his white assistant, despite the fact that many thought that the white coach's experience and years of service meant that he should be the head coach; (3) the friendship of two players, Gerry Bertier, the white team captain, and Julius Campbell, a talented black player; and (4) the story of a racially divided team coming together and playing as a unit despite the racial hatred roiling the community around it. The story of the underdog sports team is an invention of the filmmakers. Once the team coalesced at training camp, they were favored and had only one close game in their regular season. The important stories, those of the two coaches and the two players are true although many specific facts may have been supplied by the script writer. The two coaches were lifelong friends, as were the two players. The team pulled together despite the racial tensions.

Angered by Io's suffering, Prometheus shouts out that Zeus's own son will topple him. Zeus's messenger Hermes enters and orders Prometheus to reveal the identity of this son's mother. Prometheus mocks Hermes and says that he will tell nothing. Hermes accuses Prometheus of being overly obstinate, disobedient, and mad. Prometheus deflects each accusation with direct insults or sarcasm. Hermes warns that if Prometheus does not yield, a storm will send him to Tartarus. Then he will emerge only to have an eagle eat his liver every day, and this will not end until a god agrees to die for him. The Chorus advises Prometheus to yield, but he shows no fear of his destiny. Hermes orders the Oceanids away, but they reply that to betray a friend is the worst crime of all and vow to stay with Prometheus. As the earth begins to shake and thunder gathers around him, Prometheus calls on the elements to witness his suffering.

Remember the titans essay on friendship

remember the titans essay on friendship


remember the titans essay on friendshipremember the titans essay on friendshipremember the titans essay on friendshipremember the titans essay on friendship