Rotary club scholarship essays

      P romote peace through understanding.
      E ncourage the exchange of cultural and social experiences.
      A dvance the ideals of Rotary.
      C reate opportunities for friendship.
      E nvision a world where peace is a reality Georgia Rotary Student Program _______ . Box 61327 _________ Savannah, Georgia 31420
Office: __________ Email: grsp@

The Rotary Club of Wilmington celebrated the 4th of July this year by launching our new Flags for Heroes program. Over a dozen volunteers from the club and their families prepared and installed 200 flags in downtown Wilmington honoring individual military and first responder heroes from the past and present. This new initiative by the Club will be an annual event that both honors community members and helps to raise funds for the club’s annual service projects. Anyone can sponsor a flag, naming their own personal hero. In future years the flags will be displayed over the Memorial Day holiday.

Rotary club scholarship essays

rotary club scholarship essays


rotary club scholarship essaysrotary club scholarship essaysrotary club scholarship essaysrotary club scholarship essays