Sample foreign service exam essays

A talented individual who has solid background in preparing periodic reports to their supervisors at the department on political activities, market conditions, public opinion, and other relevant issues; has flexibility in negotiating treaties and agreements that protect . shipping, economic, and legal interests; specializes in one of four areas of service: administrative, consular, commercial-economic and conducts political administrative duties plan, develop, and direct the operations of their offices; has been in-charge of their posts’ expenses and budgets, the acquisition and maintenance of government property, and the supervision of personnel; the officer has also been involved in assisting Americans with problems they face in foreign countries, issue passports and visas to Americans abroad, and help foreigners who want to visit the United States obtain visas

Diplomats working for the US Foreign Service are responsible for carrying out the policy of the United States . In order to serve at one of the 265 US diplomatic missions around the world, applicants must pass a series of examinations. The tests consist of a job knowledge test, English language test, essays, oral exams, and a qualifications panel. Our 20 questions are modeled after the job knowledge portion of the Foreign Service Officer's test. The real examination consists of 60 questions and is administered over 40 minutes. Think you know enough to become a US diplomat? Take our quiz.

Sample foreign service exam essays

sample foreign service exam essays


sample foreign service exam essayssample foreign service exam essayssample foreign service exam essayssample foreign service exam essays