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According to Catalan legend , Japheth's son Tubal is said to have sailed from Jaffa with his family and arrived at the Francolí river of the Iberian Peninsula in 2157 BC, where he founded a city named after his son Tarraho , now Tarragona . He then proceeded to the Ebro (like Iberia, named after his second son Iber ), where he built several more settlements, including Amposta . His third son's name is given as Semptofail . Noah himself is said to have visited them here about 100 years later. Tubal is said to have reigned for 155 years, until he died while preparing to colonize Mauretania and was succeeded by Iber. Other traditions make Tubal son of Japheth (sometimes confounded with Tubal-cain son of Lamech, a figure from before the flood) to be the founder of Ravenna in Italy, Setúbal in Portugal, and Toledo and many other places in Spain. Various authors state that his wife's name was Noya, that he was buried at Cape St. Vincent in Portugal, or that he had 65,000 descendants when he died. [5] The source for many of these legends seems to have been the Pseudo-Berosus published by Annio da Viterbo in 1498, now widely considered a forgery. However, the earlier Chronicle of San Juan de la Peña by the historian-king Pedro IV of Aragon (c. 1370) includes the basic premises, that Tubal was the first person to settle in Iberia, that the Iberians were descended from him as Jerome and Isidore had attested, and that they had originally been called Cetubales and been settled along the Ebro, before changing their name to 'Iberians' after that river. An earlier scholar-king, Alfonso X of Castile (c. 1280), also included similar details in his history, but claiming Tubal had settled in the "Aspa" mountains (part of the Pyrenees ), and deriving the first part of the name Cetubales from cetus , which he said meant "tribe". In his version, they later changed their name to ' Celtiberians '. A still earlier version is found in the history of the Umayyad conquest of Hispania by Tariq ibn Ziyad , written around AD 750 by Abulcasim Tarif Abentarique. It holds that Japheth's son Tubal or (Sem Tofail) divided Iberia among his 3 sons — leaving his eldest Tarraho the northeast section (called Tarrahon , later Aragon); to his second son, Sem Tofail the younger, he left the west, along the ocean (later called Setúbal ); and to his youngest, Iber, he left the eastern part, along the Mediterranean, called Iberia . Tubal then built for himself a city he called Morar (today Mérida, Spain ) — where Abentarique claimed to have seen a large stone above the main city gate inscribed with these details, which he translated into Arabic.

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However, in an impressive political comeback, President Clinton again embraced centrist policies and rhetoric to restore his popularity in advance of the 1996 election. In 1994, he signed the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, a law that added 100,000 policemen and instituted harsher punishments for a variety of crimes, and in 1996 he signed a law increasing the national minimum wage. Additionally, he emerged favorably from a budget dispute with House Republicans that resulted in a pair of government shutdowns in 1995, the second of which lasted three weeks. Although a one-term presidency had seemed a foregone conclusion two years earlier, in 1996 Clinton handily defeated Republican challenger Bob Dole to secure a second term in office.

Scholarship biography essay

scholarship biography essay


scholarship biography essayscholarship biography essayscholarship biography essayscholarship biography essay