Slideshow presentation maker

Our diverse variety of formats, themes and styles includes 1000+ collages, greetings, invitations, cards, slideshows, and more. Find your perfect fit for holidays and birthdays, wedding day or any day. Host everything from a twins baby shower to 50th anniversary with just-right invites. Share baby's first smile or steps in a collage. Tell the story of your travels in a stunning slideshow. Send a little, heartfelt "hello" to someone you miss in a cheerful greeting. Smilebox is here to help you celebrate life's big and small moments.

Step 1: Download and install PPT2DVD converter . Start it and mount an empty DVD.
Step2: Choose Standard DVD as the output choice.
Step3: Import PowerPoint presentation with PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX entensions which you want to burn to DVD. You can import up to 12 files at one time.
Step4: Do choose the right TV standard and leave other advanced settings as default for the first testing.
Step5: Choose the right DVD menu theme you want or customize it.
Step6: Tick Burn to Disc and click Start to begin the converting and burning process.

Slideshow presentation maker

slideshow presentation maker


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