Thesis bridges

During the treatment planning stage, determine the area of opposing tooth contact so that the proper positioning of the intra-enamel preparations can be made later and the occlusion will not interfere with the placement of the reinforcing fiber band. This can best be accomplished by sitting the patient upright and using red marking paper, having the patient close in all functional excursions. In this case, the missing lateral incisor (Figure 10) was replaced with a FRC bridge by attaching a fiber band into very shallow preparations placed into the lingual enamel of the central and the canine. Do not make any preparations until the initial step in creating the pontic has been accomplished.

So my version of relativism is pluralistic and attributes functions to morality that in combination with human nature place limits on what could count as a true morality. Unlike many other relativists, I do not hold that people are subject to a morality because they all belong to a certain group. That is, I don’t hold that being a member of a group makes one’s subject to some set of generally accepted norms. What is true is that others around us teach us morality and moral language, so they inevitably influence us. That is why there are moral traditions that share important values, shared interpretations of those values, and certain shared ways of prioritizing them. But even within those moral traditions there are disagreements that don’t bottom out in facts that decide the issues. We share much of the meaning and reference of our moral concepts with others around us, but we are subject to multiple influences of this kind, especially in pluralistic societies, so each of us may possess moral concepts that reflect this multiplicity of influence and the particular ways that we as individuals have absorbed and made sense of it for ourselves. That’s why accommodation is a value that needs to be present in all moralities that fulfill the interpersonal function.

Thesis bridges

thesis bridges


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