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Sexual harassment is not only against University policy - it's illegal. A person who sexually harasses another can be held liable for his or her actions. Differences between behavior that is friendly or complimentary and behavior that is sexually harassing are recognizable. However, it is important that people consider how their behavior is viewed by others. Many accused harassers are surprised to learn how their behavior is perceived by those who feel victimized. Consider the following:

Fall/Winter course registration in ENG courses will begin 2 June 2017.
Stepped enrollment is as follows:
2 June: current PhDs
9 June: incoming PhDs
16 June: incoming & current MA & MA CRW students

Please note ROSI closures for updates and during academic advising meetings:
15 June from 3pm; will reopen at 6am on 16 June
28 August to 4 September; will reopen at 9am on 5 September

Non ENG students must submit a completed   Course Add/Drop Form   to the Graduate Administrator for permission to enroll in an ENG course (however, this does not guarantee a space in the course).    

If you are a MAPP graduate and would like to have your Capstone project uploaded onto this site, please submit your Capstone . If you are the only author on your Capstone project, your decision to upload the document will serve as your agreement to the terms (individual authors do not actually have to submit an agreement form). If you completed a Capstone project with multiple authors, each author will need to submit an Author Agreement form . Please send the completed forms to Aaron Boczkowski ( aaronb2@ ) and Kenny Whitebloom ( libraryrepository@ ). Once received, one of the authors can upload the Capstone.

Thesis submission penn state

thesis submission penn state


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