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Several Biography specials were produced in 1994 and 1995. A&E expanded the "Biography" brand into a franchise with a website in July 1996, a children's version launched in fall 1996. Formerly only direct sales, A&E Home Video initiated a six-month trial in which Barnes & Noble would sell the "Biography" line in stores and becoming permanent in 1996. In 1997, the franchise was further expanded with an audio tape line, telefilm development, a Crown Publishing Group published short biography line and debuted its magazine which replace A&E Monthly. With the 1998–99 season, "Biography: American Justice" and "Biography Movies" debut. [2]

In December 2013, A+E Networks announced that The Biography Channel would be rebranded as FYI , a contemporary lifestyle network, starting in mid 2014. [8] By February, FYI had a slate of six new series including three food series, two home design series, and one style series. Other shows were also in development, [9] Two of the shows in development had pilot orders, Red Hot Design and Jennifer’s Way . [10] In April, Midnight Feast was greenlit for the new channel while 2 others were order to pilot, Say It To My Face and Reverse Course . [11]

Tv biography channel

tv biography channel


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