Values essay topic

Getting a good education is my most important value. For the last 20 to 30 years, my family has suffered through a war and lost almost everything. Now education has given me a chance to got some of these things back. I learned about the value of education from my grandmother. He always said that education can take me anywhere, and I believe he is right. Respect for the Hmong culture is my next most important value. I will never forget where I came from, what languages I speak, what food I eat, what what religion is, and so on. I learned this value from my grandfather. He always told me never to forget who I am, and one day it will help me get my people back together. Believing in love is my third most important value. I know that someone is and always will be there for me, in bad times or in good times. There will always be someone who cares a loot about me and knows how I feel, my cousins, and the radio station I listen to I will always value education, my culture, and the power of love. These three values may not be important to some other people, but they will guide me forever. They will help me do many food things in life, for myself and for many other people. This section contains 260 words
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The popular "topic of your choice" option had been removed from the Common Application between 2013 and 2016, but it's now back again for the 2017-18 admissions cycle. Use this option if you have a story to share that doesn't quite fit into any of the options above. However, the first six topics are extremely broad with a lot of flexibility, so make sure your topic really can't be identified with one of them. Also, don't equate "topic of your choice" with a license to write a comedy routine or poem (you can submit such things via the "Additional Info" option). Essays written for this prompt still need to have substance and tell your reader something about you. Cleverness is fine, but don't be clever at the expense of meaningful content.

This nation of ours is unique. You may not realize it and most of us surely take it for granted. We may complain about the economy but just try explaining the Price Club to a Russian or a Cuban or a Nigerian! We may complain about our government or our President but in how many other countries is the press free to report the leaders indiscretions. We have so much and yet we complain so much... actually I think it is the ability to complain that makes America great. It is the freedom to dissent, to rail against the incumbent powers. This freedom to disagree is what makes us so special and it is this very freedom that is the very essence of America. What is the American dream? Surely it is different for everyone. For some it is wealth and power. For others it is religious freedom and justice. For others it may be a roof over their heads. How has this nation been able to provide these things... we shall see.

Values essay topic

values essay topic


values essay topicvalues essay topicvalues essay topicvalues essay topic