Yeast respiration coursework

Q. How to get rid of bad breath? My wife complains that I have bad breath. How can I get rid of it? A. Consider that candida infection can make your breath worse. You might try cutting down on sugar and carbs.

"Bad breath can also be caused by a candida (yeast infection), you may have a constant white furry tongue. Look at cutting down your intake of sugars and processed foods, as well as those containing yeast. - Search for Anti-Candida diet on a search engine for more info"

The fermentation process of yeast is caused by enzymes, catalysts in chemical reactions similar to the digestive enzymes in the human body. In fact, the word enzyme means "in yeast." Certain enzymes in yeast act on starch to break down the long chainlike molecules into smaller units of sugar. Then other yeast enzymes convert one kind of sugar molecule to another. Still other enzyme reactions break apart the sugar molecule (composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms) into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. The series of reactions provides the yeast cells with the energy necessary for their growth and division (form of reproduction).

Yeast respiration coursework

yeast respiration coursework


yeast respiration courseworkyeast respiration courseworkyeast respiration courseworkyeast respiration coursework